Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello Again, Abilene!

We're heading to Abilene this weekend to attend Sing Song and to visit my cousin Brittany, who recently moved there. I'm really excited and am looking forward to seeing friends and family, visiting our old church, and spending time in a city that's close to my heart.

The trip back to Abilene will be bittersweet. We moved to San Antonio almost seven months ago, but it feels much longer; my life has changed so much since the move, and in many ways I feel like a different person. Living in San Antonio is great, though; I love my new job, being in a bigger city, and living close to family. However, a tiny piece of me will always miss Abilene because of those special college, grad school, and newlywed memories.

I miss those local, mom-and-pop places that big cities can't replicate, like McKay's and Cajun Cones. I miss spring-and-summertime walks with Brendan around the ACU jogging track. I miss my Highland family and a church who fit me perfectly. There were also a lot of reasons why I was ready to leave Abilene, but I sure do love the memories I made there and the people I left behind.