Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Brendan and I bought our first Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago, and it's standing proudly and beautifully -- albeit shortly, since it's only four feet tall -- in the corner of our little duplex. Its only adornments are a tiny, red tree skirt, a silver star tree topper, and one little ornament that's currently situated right in the middle. The tree's current dearth of ornaments has occurred because I'm too cheap to buy any new ones. My parents are giving me my childhood ornaments from their tree when we see them over Thanksgiving, though, so the lone ornament will soon have some friends.

The tree's singular ornament is one Brendan and I brought home from our honeymoon almost a year ago. We wanted to buy a Christmas ornament to remember our honeymoon by, and we found this adorable one at a Christmas shop in Downtown Disney. I love it, and I was so excited to finally remove it from its box and gingerly place in on the tree's sturdiest branch.

It feels weird to be celebrating our first Christmas when we've been married for almost a year, and it will be fun to have one more "first" before we hit the one-year mark. But no matter how long we've been married, placing that Minnie and Micky ornament on the tree will be just as special as it was the first time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How Long

Obama was just declared the winner of the general election, and I'm so proud of him and our country. However, part of me is deeply sad tonight; I'm reminded that for one more election cycle our nation won't have a female president.

I hope someday we'll break that highest glass ceiling.