Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm back and blogging again. I decided to take a hiatus because I began to view blogging more as an obligation rather than as a fun way to share what's going on in my life. But I'm back, and here are some things that are on my mind as I close out 2010:

1. I'm totally in denial that Christmas break ends at the end of the week. Where have my two weeks gone? I relish having time off from a very stressful job; but the longer the break, the harder it is to go back to work. I'm beginning to miss my students, though, but I don't miss grading their papers.

2. Speaking of Christmas break, the time off has allowed me to start watching Veronica Mars. I was experiencing Dexter withdrawals after the season ended a few weeks ago, but now I have a new TV obsession.

3. Our three-year anniversary is today. We were planning on spending tonight downtown, but thanks to the Alamo Bowl practically every hotel on the river is booked. So, we're going to pretend that our anniversary is tomorrow and stay downtown on Thursday. It kind of makes me sad to think that we're officially out of the newlywed stage, but then I think about all of the wonderful blessings that come with many years of marriage and intimacy. I know it'll get even better.