Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summertime DIY: Agate Art

Get set for the final post in my Summertime DIY series!

My most ambitious project to date is this wall of framed agate. I always loved polished rocks as a kid (who didn't?), so the current design trend of natural stone is right up my alley. I'd been searching online for a set of agate coasters and in the process stumbled upon a blog with a collection of framed agate that would look perfect on the bare wall in our living room. (Do you sense a theme here?) So, I bought the coasters from Etsy on the cheap and used a coupon at Pottery Barn for the frames. I decided to go with nicer frames for this project since the ones from Target looked cheap against the pretty agate.

With my frames and agate in hand, I began the assembly. The coasters are pretty thick, so I secured them to the frame's paper insert with painter's tape, in case I ever want to move them around or use them as actual coasters. I was a little intimidated to hang them on our judges paneling because it's difficult to patch any errant holes, so I used the newspaper method from the wall o' plates to line up the frames. It took a while to get the spacing just right, but it was worth it. I love having such a unique piece of art that's perfectly me.

 My next project is to put gold leaf around the edges of the coasters (using this tutorial) to make them pop and connect more to the metallic tones in the room. Fingers crossed that I can actually pull that one off! I guess you'll have to stay tuned.

I'm hoping my DIY obsession can last once the chaos of a new school year begins. Until then I'll enjoy my creations and wait for the next stroke of inspiration to strike.

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